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A stir of echoes in my soul
these sad emotions i can't control
theres my heart lying on the floor
I thought we would be forever more
At first our lives were entwined
but now im lost and you i can not find
Why did you go so far away
and take my heart to betray
Im so sorry i wasn't there
but my love i did declare
Only you didn't trust me
and your heart would not fully see
I will always love you
no matter what you do
Please don't push me away
but instead ask me to stay
You had my heart in your hand
and by your side i did stand
but somehow you tripped and fell
and i wasn't there to hear your yell
we were so many miles apart
first in distance but now in heart
my heart was matched with yours so clear
but now its in total fear
oh my love i can not refain
because my tears fall like the rain
As i cry these ghostly tears
you leave me alone here
how my love for you runs deep
but with your fears i can't compete
you held my hand for awhile
and took me down that extra mile
then you made me cry
when you kissed us both goodbye
but always my love i'll be near
so when your ready just come here.

copyrighted Written By:a.m.cole