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Before you lefted me
I offered you my soul to read
like a open book
so why did you examine the cover and judge
you once told me my face was like a canvass
you could see all my colors and emotions
then why didn't you understand my passions and needs
I sometimes feel like little shivers of light creep into my soul
to lighten my spirit except clouds
eventually come and cover the light and dampen my heart
I had a dream lastnight you were the madhatter
and you had a canvass in your hands
only you wouldn't let me see it
instead you gave me a key to this door
where i found a child running in a field of tulips singing amazing grace and laughing
I noticed her dimple in her right cheek
I wanted to be her so bad i felt my entire self shatter
when i turned around you were standing there showing me your oh so secret canvass
It was completely white i threw the key at you
but it vanished into mid air along with the door the canvass and you
the child was standing beside me wanting me to hod her hand
I reached down to her except i was clutching my pillow instead
the morning stole you and her away from me once again.

copyrighted by A.M.COLE