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Ambers Bay window

Ambers bay window shows me things
that arn't meant to be seen
to my left and to my right and straight
ahead mystery fills my eyes
Daydreams form in moments as a casual
smile appears,not only on my face but
in my mind.The green of the treetops
the soaring of the clouds
the red of grandmas roses and the calmness of the lake
my mind breaths it in like a drug
im addicted to my daydreams looking out
of ambers bay window
he walked by once holding my sisters hand
I seen the stolen kiss and how she smiled
my heart broke that day unknown to anyone
I've watched seasons change in my cozy window
spot where a pink cushion layed upon
the bay window seat
I discovered birds and stars and neighbors too
mom said it was my spy station but i
said simply NO its my grandmas window
its Ambers bay window
its where i talk to you grandma
and of your place of rest
where God is keeping you safe for me
until my daydreams are done.

copyrighted by A.M.COLE