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My heart slipped,but i didnt see
I knew love was never meant for me.
and i knew as my heart felt every tear
it wouldn't wash away my fears.
You whisper please don't push away
but you truely never do the same.
I reach for you and find it cold.
but your words to me are like gold.
Why won't you let me touch you
as you touch me the way you do.
I can feel your love for me
and at times you won't let me see
I dream my dream to be free
to let a love so deep to consume me
but i fear that pain
the kind that hurt does explain
I have been that one always lefted behind
the love for me no one ever finds
as i closed my eyes and made a wish
I don't want your love to miss
only it always does for me
as if my target they could not see
I stand so tall and wait there
but it catches in the wind
as all i can do is stare
I feel it rush by in a whispered pain
as then my hearts tears
could become my lifes rain.
Love seems to be my rival
as i often fight for loves survival
but still i always try
as my heart for you it cries
so i blow you this kiss.
and i hope to you it shall never miss.

copyrighted BY A.M.COLE