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There's this depth that isn't in me
so instead i kiss the rain as teardrops
trace my face and falls upon my lips
I taste the saltiness that purge from my eyes
I reach for warmth that has turned cool
when i touch it
I search for the understanding that contiues to bewilder me
I see the mirror image reflect haunted eyes on my pale face
I nightmared my reality giving me shockwaves
I could easily be depressed,but in truth
i have no time for the state.
so im quiet and pensive instead
illuding my thoughts to stay nice and stay my friend
so not give crazy notions
telling me to give up
I embrace myself in my lonliness
I dance myself around the black ballroom
as my white dress sweeps the empty floor
leaving swooshing sounds to echo in my mind

copyrighted by A.M.COLE