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The weeping willow destine
to be eternally sad,standing in front of a cemetary.
Reminding us this is a place
for eternity and saddness.
Coldness creeps up and takes hold,
as i quickly look over my shoulder.
Was it a breeze?
If so how come everything remained still?
Run away foolish thoughts and play tricks on someone else.
I walked pass quickly
on my way to my grandma'a house.
There i will sit on her garden steps
and let the tulips dance around me.
While the wind helps the trees,
to join in there crazy dance recital.
All the shadows stand on the sidelines
choragraphing there every move.
Flowers bloom a life in this garden.
While moments ago the weeping willow
crys for all the citizens in the cemetary.
Life and death so close together, yet so far apart.
Sadness and sweetness in one days time.
Events I comprehend in my heart
and blow kisses to all those souls in heaven,
and breathe in all the life of that garden,
as I sit safely on the garden steps.

Copyrighted Written By: A.M.COLE