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Boy i look for your words
I wait for that smile
you turn me inside out
as i change you into my passion
streams of your personality drown me
as i gasp for breath
your touch revives me
hands creep to my heart
massageing it as it beats for you
I go to you, i hold you there
taking pictures with my mind
my memories scrapbook the moments
you tease me to drive me mad
then kiss my wound all better till i smile
a wink in the night we are in silence
looks and flirts carry over the miles
you teach me trust,as i teach you to laugh
we teach each other friendship and love as well
oh how i write about you unable to stop
I pool you in my mind and cement you in
so you can't escape my grasp for you
never run away and i'llnever leave
say hello to my love and i'll embrass yours
say my name in your heart as i scream yours in mine
ęcopyrighted by A.M.COLE