Kindred Grace
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In all you do, you are such amazing grace
of all my tears you wiped away
you left me with your trace
I've seen you lost and I've seen you found
I watched you pick yourself up off the cold cold ground
now I am like you once were a time ago
but my strenght isn't like yours
and my path is slow
I hear your laugh,it's like the morning rain I ache for
it's the light that guides my tumbling ship to the shore
you have become apart of my empty heart
your what I call a graceful kindred spirit
my fever has calmed and my rage I no longer fear it
Thank you for touching a soul so alone
now this wall inside me is a softer stone and a milder tone
you have shown a light no one else has burned
and to you my spirit I will return.

copyrighted written by A.M.COLE