Whispered Legend of Silence
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She has familar spirits that haunt her heart of love once been
she remember those ghostly tears you shed for her in the end
her mind hears the soft footsteps of the past
all the image of you she has embossed in her to last
sacred words that weren't suppost to be spoken
spilled in the air, with a harsh response left a gashed wound open
the spirit that ran free once ago so wild
doesn't chase the wind any longer as her passion turns mild
while the rain poured down her soul was stained
though the haunted eyes of sorrow and loss have remained
she doesn't cry anymore her world gone silent
her then thuderous passion on fire is no longer burning as violent
as a tattoo of pain has marked her with a scar so deep
one day her heart will open again and her pain will weep
her spirit will once again break free and her soul will mend
then her passionate legend will never end.