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Morning Has Broken

morning has broken
falling gently into startled noon
lastnight's mood shattered by the light
your kiss lingered in the air
like the perfume of your skin.
I felt you watch me as I pretended to sleep
the moon soaking up my goosebumps of a crushed spirit.

morning has broken
the haze of the nightmare
trapped between your words and my soul
a new day to shield me
to heal me
till stars appear and fall down around me
in a night lite prison of lonely ghost
walking from room to room
memory to memory

morning has broken
slipped quietly around me
to comfort my swollen eyes
caressing my tattoo of a darkness you held me in
pressed against your angry heart and cold stares

morning has broken
and now you are gone
freedom lingers for now.

ęcopyrighted Written by: A.M.C