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Nice to meet you
What's your name?
Oh I see you're quiet now
you're not the same.

Take a daisy and pick her petals
keep them in your box of metal
She loves me, She loves me not
you whisper as they fall.

It was long ago and far away
and you and I were different from today.
The mockingbird sings us her lulabye
There is no ryhme no reason
just the echo of near by.

Me? Im Mississippi magnolia wine
only I'm not yet aged or refined
You? you have this key you hold
You my boy are pure gold.

ęcopyrighted 2002 BY:A.M. COLE


I dedicate and wrote this poem to someone who is very special. He is beautiful and sadly perfection of something I can not seem to touch. I may never catch up to his charm and beauty but I am honored to have had it overwelm me and flood me at times. Sometimes I know exactly who you are and then like the wind you fly away from my grasp.You are My gold charm that always seems to run away!!!