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Released Affections

The reflections in your eyes
shows me directions in which to go by
and the sound of that song
knocks me down and drags me home
In the heart of your soul
theres always apart that isnt whole
In the shelter of your dreams
you see the helter skelter of the sea
and the night goes on its way
while the light seems to never stay.

Why that flower never bloomed?
is cause it read the sorrow of your gloom
and when the rain falls to the ground
you'll live the pain and feel the pound
all the things that you hold dear
always sting with every tear
and all the doors you ever closed
fall to the floor and are now exsposed
so take away all you create
only youll just escape.

You watch for moments to appear
only to catch your very own fear
so when you finally see the light
it should free you from that fright
instead you shyed away from fate
and cried out in your constant hate
your destiny was turned upside down
and yur fantasy turn all around
now talk to me without your lies
then walk away and say goodbye.

copyrighted by A.M.COLE