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correspondence to the faces in the gallery
but there's never a reply only cold stares
that keep me moving on,no one steps up
to be my friend so I keep walking
I look in the mirror only to find a faded beauty
to match my antique soul so i walk on
searching for a companion to hold some kind
of kindread spirit to match my lonely one
dawn can't decide and sunsets don't choose
the wind passes by and the moon is on night watch
so i walk on, passing everything and nothing at all
I pass houses and people I sometimes feel like i'm in warp speed
or sometimes in slow motion
I still contiue to walk on
searcing for my reality or life
suddenly I hear someone say stop!
I look up to find a church on a hill so i go inside
I found my companion, my heart,my spirit, and my soul.
I now have company
faith in God is his name.

copyrighted by A.M.COLE

photo by A.M.COLE