whisper in the night
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You told me a secret last night
It scared me so much I cried
You told me your heart took plight
and to let your love be tried
You knew my soul was worn
and my faith was stained
You wanted to mend my heart so torn
Until only your loved remained
I want to reach out and touch your hand
so I can feel what you feel
I want my spirit to understand
that what you whisper me is real
I hear those words so sweet
and close my eyes to see
my friend you fell deep
and you told me i hold the key
What do I do now? I don't know
I'm scared of your words for me
that from your lips sweetly flow
you say you need me to see
That we might be meant to be
to give you time to prove it
that the one your heart wants is me
and the flame of love has already been lit
So I walk beside you and we'll be there
let's see what comes of us
your friendship I do hold dear
and you sweet boy i do trust.