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The Yellow Ballad of Papermill Road

The tulips dance to the jazz records in my head
He forgives me once but never listens twice
Your liquid words french kiss the avenue in my mind
The introduction to my papermill road
has embedded my hearts eye
of the happiness i once defined as mine
Touched by unpretending hands
chosen with undiscovered lust
You whisper yellow ballads to send me away
Undiscovered mirages left by nomads
scatter across a minds barriers
sentless flowers planted for show only
never picked upon only stomped on
Shadows washed over by the light
beams of it suddenly swallow them whole
blue silhouettes in a grey light
make crazy sadness
sing yellow ballads to send me away
down that papermill road
I'll then blow you a kiss
and pray for your soul

copyrighted by A.M.COLE