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One look from your eyes alone,
Causes a sharing of all your thoughts.
And a sweet whispering conversation begins.
My mind is caught.
Forbidden to leave the destiny of our love.
Surrounded by a whole universe of unexplained emotions.
Feeling scared, not knowing all that has not been felt before.
Taking one moment. One step. Learning. Loving.
A new challege is brought before me.
And I cannot deny any longer.
This feeling that consumes my every waking moment.
One hope. One fire.  Burns inside, everlasting.
Wanting.  Needing, for our souls to open to all the wonders of this life.
Sharing, together, our lives that were once so empty.
Surrounded.  Complete.
  Is the love I feel from a look from your eyes alone.
And time stands still, for a brief second.
Waiting.  Longing, for the forgiveness that is needed.
And so much to be desired, is left before us.
On this open road of life.
So my heart waits.  Happy.  Free.
For one look from your eyes alone.

  By, Natasha
Dedicated to Tanya