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As we walk alone down, life's long rocky road.
Our hearts are filled with so much fear and sadness
because they are all alone with no one to share all the joy and love our hearts have.
two hearts that used too be one are now seperated.
The tears that are now falling from these hearts.
The wounds, the scares and all the hurts,
can these two hearts ever be mended?
As these hearts walk alone down life's long rocky road,
feeling lost and so broken,
Can these two hearts ever be brought back together again
as one heart to feel the love and joy that they once felt?
Only the two hearts walking down life's long rocky road can tell.
These hearts need love and understanding from each other,
so they can be as one again.
So the two hearts can walk down that long rocky road of life together as one,

I love you Benny and I always will!!!!!